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Reed Diffuser Care & Instructions

Reed diffusers are the perfect way to freshen up your home, office or personal space. The natural fibre reeds continuously release a clean fragrance throughout the space. 

When placed in a high traffic area, the fragrance will be dispersed with air circulation when walking past, but it won’t necessarily fill the entire space with fragrance.

Reed diffusers unlike candles, have no flame which makes them a safer alternative to candles. Diffusers can be placed anywhere as they do not rely on power sources.

Reed diffusers work all day and night, and they only need weekly monitoring of turning the reeds.

  • Place reed sticks in the oil and allow them to soak the fragrance for one hour
  • Flip the reeds after one hour to saturate the other ends
  • Flip reeds every time you notice the scent dispersing (generally weekly)
  • If the scent is too strong or you are using it in a small space, use less reeds


  • Do not light the diffuser reeds
  • Ensure the reed diffuser is place out of reach of children and pets
  • Ensure the reed diffuser is in an area it will not be knocked over
  • If spilt, clean the area immediately as the liquid can damage surfaces
  • Keep away from electrical appliances